10 Reasons Why You Need a Website in the Modern Age

10 Reasons Why You Need a Website in the Modern Age


1. Customer Expectation
Your tech-savvy customers expect to be able to find more information about your company through a website. You can generate business, increase brand recall value, build goodwill with your customers and target audience, and deliver marketing messages through your website. The fact is, your website delivers your marketing message 24/7, every day of the year! Professional websites are primarily informational and try to solve visitors’ pain points, in addition to e-commerce potential.

2. Social Engagement
Consumer behavior is mostly influenced by what other people have to say about your company. No matter how well your brand is rated on review sites like FourSquare or Yelp, people expect to be able to find more information about your business by visiting your website. Potential buyers will already be sifting through your website to find out more about you, so showing them customer testimonials is a great way to impress them.

3. Narrative Control
A website allows you to write your own story where you have control. A website can help a brand spread its mission, vision, and message far better than print ads or brochures. Studies show that there are 63 thousand searches per second on any given day. Having your own website includes you in every one of these potential business opportunities. This can be the determining factor between landing a big job or getting overlooked due to a lack of an online presence.

4. Optimizing Your ROI
Having a website curated with search-engine optimization (SEO) increases your visibility of searches with little to no cost. Having pertinent terms on your website pushes it much higher in the results list when potential customers search for what you have to offer. Potential customers are much more likely to go with one of the top results than a company they have to dig deeper for, put yourself out there!

5. Credibility Increases with an Online Presence
Every serious entrepreneur in the modern age should invest in having a professionally built company website. More than 50% of customers using smartphones discover a new company or product while operating online, and not having a presence leaves you in the dark to these potential business opportunities. Based on a recent study, over 70% of online users judged a business’ credibility solely on their website and its design. Overall, customers are more likely to do business with a company they trust, and a website increases the likelihood of that relationship.

6. Provide Answers and Start a Conversation
Your website is a great way to provide a lot of information upfront and get your customers interested and be more prepared when it’s time to make a sale and open the dialogue. When they first visit your site they need to know what you can offer and the more you inform them, the more likely they’ll realize you can suit their needs. It’s important, however, to keep it simple and not overwhelm them. Tell them what they need to know, and you can cover and additional details when closing the sale.

7. You Can’t Compete Without a Website
If you want any chance to stand up against giants in your industry, you need a website. Once your site is live, it can start ranking and be at the right place and time for your potential customers’ searches. Using search engine optimization (SEO) can increase traffic and the likelihood of customers finding your business. Without this online presence, you’re giving up this potential business by default to your competition.

8. The Fad of Outreach via Social Media
Having your own page on a social media site is no longer enough. As more and more new social media sites come up, it’s becoming harder to hedge bets on any given one. In addition, even the top sites are seeing less and less traffic over the years, making it difficult to know where to invest your resources. In a study from 2018, even Facebook saw over 45 million fewer hours of user activity than the prior year. Having your own website and controlled online presence is the only way to guarantee visibility on the web.

9. Increase in Potential Sales Time
A website is online 24/7 365 days a year, meaning even when you’re not reaching out to potential customers, you’re creating new opportunities. A customer remembering they needed to find a company providing the service/product you offer at 3 AM is no longer an issue, they can find your business and reach out and you have a new sales opportunity instantly. Customer service can also be improved with your online presence, whether it’s a simple form field to file a request for support, or implementing an AI-driven chatbot to answer common questions.

10. Show Off What You Can Provide to your Customers
Whatever products or services your business provides, your website can show your customers exactly what to expect. Using photos of completed work or products, providing documentation of your procedures, and planning; are all valuable tools that can help potential customers make their decision to do business with you. You can display any relevant certificates or awards in your field and even customer testimonials to show exactly how much you care about customer satisfaction. The more various information you can provide on your site increases the average time a potential customer will spend on your website and can heavily influence their likelihood to choose your business over your competition.

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