Top 5 Low Maintenance Plants To Liven Up Your WFH Space

If your Work From Home setup seems… a little bare, but you don’t want to clutter your space with distractions, plants can be a great addition! These low-maintenance options are sure to tie your space together while adding a little bit of life.


1) Snake Plant –
this plant can withstand all kinds of lighting, including some shade. Snake plants are known for being a great air purifying option, needing a minimal watering schedule, and taking up very little horizontal space. It should be noted that this option is not safe for pets to ingest.



2) Catnip –
Every cat owner knows that this option is for sure pet-friendly! Catnip grows pretty rapidly with routine water and decent lighting. If you’re newer at plant maintenance this is the perfect option for fast results, with the bonus option to harvest.



3) Ponytail Palm-
Another pet-friendly option that’s also fun to look at! Ponytail palms come in a wide variety of sizes to fit in any space you need. If you have a relatively bright workspace, and the ability to water about once a week you’ll be sure to enjoy this hardier option.



4) Croton-
Want a plant but also a pop of color? Croton’s are definitely for you! In lower lighting, the leaves display a variety of patterns and colors sure to keep your space interesting. This plant clearly shows when it starts to get thirsty- the leaves will go from standing fairly upright to a bit more horizontal. When that starts to happen it’s time to water! It’s best to keep this option away from any pets that might want to use it for a snack.



5) Pothos-
This ivy-like plant features great draping growth. If you have the option of hanging it or pinning the branches up, you’ll be sure to witness all the exciting new leaf growth. Since there are numerous varieties, there’s sure to be an option that adds ambiance to your workstation. Since this variety thrives while in a hanging planter or pinned up, it’s best to keep away from any household pets.

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